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Canonisers are responsible to convert between native process modelling language formats and Apromore's Canonical Process Format (CPF).
This is the Wiki-Space for all Apromore Canonisers and the Canonical Process Format.

Canonical Process Format


Canonical Format

Apromore’s canonical process format provides a common, unambiguous representation of business processes captured in different notations and/or at different abstraction levels, such that all process models can be treated alike. The idea behind this format is to represent only the structural characteristics of a process model that are common to the majority of modeling languages. Language-specific concepts are omitted because they cannot be meaningfully interpreted when dealing with process models originating from different notations, i.e. when “cross-language” operations have to be performed. Moreover, this canonical format is agnostic to graphical information such as shapes, line thickness and positions, which is contained in a concrete process definition. This information is stored separately in the form of annotations, and only used when a canonical model needs to be presented to the user or converted to a native format.

The meta-model of CPF is defined in the following UML class diagram and through the CPF XSD schema in the cpf-schema project.

Conversion Table

This is a high-level overview of the mapping between CPF and the supported process modelling languages:

Canonical Process    Specification
Net    Net
Edge    Control Flow
Task    Task
Event    SESE Condition
Message Event    Service Task or
SESE Condition
Timer Event    Timer Task
(only special cases)
AND-split    AND-split
OR-split    OR-split
XOR-split    XOR-split
AND-join    AND-join
OR-join    OR-join
XOR-join    XOR-join
State    MEME Condition
Resource Type (Human)    Role, Group, Participant
Resource Type (NonHuman)    Service, Codelet
Object (Soft)    Net Variable
Object (Hard)    N/A


The following Canoniser are included in Apromore:

NameSupported File ExtensionSupported StandardsJIRA Issues
BPMN Canoniser.bpmnBPMN 2.0 
EPML Canoniser.epmlEPML 2.0 
PNML Canoniser.pnmlPNML 1.3.2 
XPDL Canoniser.xpdlXPDL 2.1 
YAWL Canoniser.yawlYAWL 2.2, YAWL 2.3Link to JIRA

Please refer to the Canoniser pages for implementation details and current development.

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