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This is the starting point for all information regarding Apromore.


Firstly, You need to get Apromore running in a development environment or on a server. We don't have downloadable artifacts that can be installed and run out of the box. This software is still in development and requires the code be compiled and packaged before running.  Luckily, the build process has been made an easy as possible and is changing to be easier all the time. Follow the links below to find the instructions on how to get up and running.

Using Apromore:

Now that you have Apromore running in Virgo it's time to try it out.  Firstly, go to the portal front page (http://localhost:9000/portal or whatever you setup location is) and log into the system with a username and password that was setup in the installation step. From here we need to add a new model. Select from the file menu 'Import Model', Choose your model, making sure you only chose a format that is currently supported by the system and import it. It will display in the main screen list of models. Selecting this model will show some extra details in the bottom left corner but once selected you are able to edit it. From the File menu again choose 'Edit Model'. This will open another tab and load the model into Apromore's Editor.

For some more detailed instructions on how to use Apromore please check out the User Manual and for the Admins wanting some more info check out the Administration Guide.

Developing Plugins For Apromore:

Being an Open Source product we want people to contribute, in fact we encourage it.  We want people to build and release to the world different plugins for Apromore to use, and in turn everyone to use.

But we have a few rules:

  • You need permission from the project administrators to be able to checkin modifications the core Manager and Portal products. We would love to see what you have done though, and all changed will be considered for inclusion into the code base. From the Apromore Google code site just request access and the reason for access and we will get back to you soon.
  • We would like to open the Plugins for anyone to access (but the internet being the place it is you will still need to ask for access) and soon all the plugin code will be in it's own google code repository.
  • We have a set of Checkstyle and code coverage requirements for all new development and it is strictly enforced. Our Legacy code is slowly being updated to adhere to these standards as well.  You can checkout the current state of the code base by looking at our sonar dashboard (
  • We have a tutorial on how to create a plugin (a little out of date but the core is still relevant). The instructions on how to build a plugin can be found here - Develop an Apromore Plugin.

Requesting Feature Updates in Apromore Core:

If you see a gap in Apromore's features, or would like to see an existing feature expanded to be bigger and better, let us know. Send an email to and we will get to it as soon as possible.


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