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Version 5.0


  • New plugin: Mine Process Performance builds cumulative flow diagrams, time series and detailed stage-based performance statistics from an event log.
  • New plugin: Staged Miner discovers a stage-based model from an event log, by automatically detecting milestones to separate the log into sub-logs, one per stage.
  • New plugin: Visualize Log shows the direct-follows graph of an even log, where activity and edge filters can be applied.
  • New version of Measure plugin now shows structural complexity metrics when a model is selected, as well as log statistics when a log is selected.
  • New version of ProDrift plugin now characterizes a drift discovered in terms of behavioral relations, and prompts these to the use as English statements.
  • New version of Compare plugin visualizes model2log differences as changes overlaid on the BPMN model.
  • New version of BPMN Miner plugin now supports infrequent behavior filtering of the event log.
  • BIMP process simulation plugin now accessible directly from Analyze menu (as well as from the Apromore Editor).
  • OSGi Portal plugins can now have icons to show in the menus.
  • We moved to ZK 8.0.2 and Apache Tomcat 7.0.61 on Eclipse Virgo 3.6.4 (previous versions won't work).
  • New Apromore branding ("Advanced Process Analytics Platform") and logo.
  • Two distributions: "one-click" is a single file to unzip somewhere and run Apromore from localhost, and "full-fledged" is the fully customizable version.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 4.0


  • Native support for logs. Logs are now first-class citizens as process models. They can be imported and exported in XES and MXML, and be used as input to plugins, e.g. discovering a BPMN from a log.
  • Apromore fully supports PQL (process query language) to query the repository based on process behavior. This includes a major reduction of the size of the PQL applet.
  • New plugin Compare allows the following comperisons based on process behavior: model2model, model2log (conformance checking), log2log (variants mining).
  • ProDrift 2.0 released: gradual drift and event-stream based drift detection now supported.
  • BPMN Miner 2.0 released: a-posteriori structuring is now integrated into BPMN Miner.
  • OSGi architecture has been restructured to support 3 types of OSGi plugins: portal, logic and editor. A large number of existing components have now become OSGi plugins.
  • Menu items have been rearranged according to the phases of the BPM lifecycle (discovery, analysis, redesign, implementation, monitoring).
  • We moved to MySQL 5.7 (previous versions won't work).
  • Various bug fixes.