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Added paging support to the manager's getProcesses SOAP method.

Portal uses paged access to reduce latency when displaying folders containing large numbers of processes.

Updated Copyright Statement
Inserted Copyright Statement
UserFolderType replaced by GroupAccessType in web services model.

This update introduces database schema changes, and will be incompatible with pre-existing databases.

Users no longer have direct access to Processes and Folders; access group now works via an intermediate Group entity.

Every user has a personal singleton group, and every user is a member of the public group.

FragmentUser has been removed; access control only applies to entire processes.

The status at the bottom of the screen now show only the folder and sub folder process counts, the new Branch and version number on saving in the editor.
Added the folder list to the similarity search and made the similarity search only work on the folder and it's sub folders for what is chosen.
Relocated the Version class (and its unit test) into apromore-ws-model, since that's where the version field is defined.

Corrected version parsing in Quaestio.

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Update system to have a version numbering system.

The public Model change now allows a user to edit the meta data of a model and remove the public option. Not sure how to handle the removal of all the permissions to the model from all the users.

Fixed the version annotation drop down to now show "no annotations found" if no annotations exist. Added feature to allow models to be publicly available. Other minor bug fixes.
Fixed the version number on the create new process. Also fixed a few bugs in the editor javascript.
Updated the system to have an updated editor code and a history aspect logging system to record what is happening in the system.
Update to get reset user and few other smaller bug completed.
MAN-2 #time 4d #resolved #comment The scheduler to calculate the metrics and GED matrix on a schedule completed. this is the first phase complete the next phase is to make an online version rather than async scheduled.
APQL filter section that allows an SQL type code to entered and executed with the results showing in the main view.
PT-21 #time 2d Total work logged #resolve #comment the tree now opens to the selected folder the rest are closed.
PT-20 #time 2d Total work logged #resolve #comment Had to create new webservice calls, and change the screen around a little to get it work correctly. Still might have issues, not that happy with this implementation.
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EDT-4 #time 5h 40m Total work logged #resolve #comment The change was a minor one but getting the version number to show up correctly was the problem. Need to change this use a version class rather than a decimal. Jira enhancement will be logged.
PT-14 #time 2h Total work logged #resolve #comment The status bar now displayed x of y processes rather than just a number.
MAN-1 #time 3Hh Total Work Logged #comment Can have multiple processes the same name but they have to be in different folders. #resolved
Manager - Cameron James

The XSD for the manager was out of sync between the model generation tool and the manager web app. Need to change to be in the one location.

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ZK - Cameron James

Updated ZK to be 6.5.3. also completed portal to manager logon security with remember me functionality.

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OSGi - Cameron James

Made the portal and clients OSGi compatible and now the manager and portal are deployed as plans.

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